Almond-Orange Shortcakes with Strawberries



This is one of my favorite Summer desserts and it’s super easy and can made on short notice. I started with the basic Bisquick recipe but changed it up a bit! As I start to post more recipes you will notice I love using almond extract and fruit in my recipes.

One of my favorite combinations is almond and orange. For this recipe I added 2 tablespoons of almond extract and grated the rind of one orange. If you don’t like almond flavor feel free to ┬ásubstitute Vanilla extract. I was almost tempted to smash up a few bananas instead of the grating the orange. Go crazy and have fun!

The recipe box said this batch would make 6 shortcakes. I used a scooper so the shortcakes would be exactly the same size and I got 9 out of this batch!


PS: The shortcakes freeze really well. If you’re having a party you can make them ahead of time and take them out a few hours before serving!





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