Welcome to my blog, I hope you find it fun and entertaining!

A little about me… I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and in my previous life I worked for a prestigious biotech company in sales. Living pretty much in the hospitals and ORs I met my sweetie Ron LaButti during his orthopedic fellowship and he swept me off my feet and transplanted me to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I’ve been in Tulsa since 2001 and while it’s completely different from Buffalo, it’s the perfect spot for to raise a family! On April 15, 2005 we decided to grow our family through adoption. What a crazy roller coast ride we took bringing our daughter, the “Lovely Sophia” home from Guatemala! In addition to our daughter we also have two Labrador Retrievers, Henri and Lucy and Coco Rose our Yorkie.

You will soon find out I love to stay busy! I have a small social media consulting firm, Vixen Social Media located in downtown Tulsa. I hate snobby, pretentious titles so I refer to myself as a “Social Media Charmer”. I’ve had my little company since 2011 and it literally happened on accident! I was looking to outsource my husband’s social media because after 10 year so orthopedics I had enough of hips and knees. I interviewed numerous agencies in town and they presented me with fluffy proposals for an outrageous fee which irritated me. I took it upon myself to take several online courses and picked up a few certifications along the way. To learn more about my social media business visit

I asked a few friends if I could do their online marketing for practice and their businesses exploded! Soon I had people calling me and within one year my husband convinced me to get an office to see clients instead of our kitchen. I have a darling suite in the heart of downtown surrounded by my favorite restaurants.

In December of 2013 I had another business start accidently as well! I became an ambassador with Plexus Worldwide to get wholesale pricing, that was the only reason. I got a check for $46 and called my sponsor to ask why I was getting a check because I was not selling Plexus. She explained that I had over $100 in sales I was eligible for a commission check. She told me how much her check was and my jaw dropped. On December 4th I announced to my Facebook friends I no longer drank Diet Coke thanks to the “Pink Drink”. Little did I know how that one post was going to change my life! It started with two ambassadors enrolling to join my team and four customers. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2014 and my team has grown to over 400 members across the country!!!

You can learn more about my Plexus business at!

I have a few other side businesses as well, but you can learn more about them when you follow my blog! When I’m not working I’m all about enjoying life. My motto is work hard, play hard, work harder. I’m not going to lie, my husband spoils me rotten and I love spoiling my family and friends. I live a life most girls dream about and while it’s not perfect, it’s pretty darn close.

I’ll be posting my secret recipes and my husband will be sharing his favorite cocktail recipes with you too! We’ll invite you along on our travels and shopping sprees as well. The fun we will have and you can see it all by clicking on the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of my adventures!